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F.A.K.E. is an acronym for Fashion for Animal Kingdom & Environment.

F.A.K.E.Rs are a community of creators and manufacturers of vegan, ethical and sustainable fashion products and accessories. All are determined to reduce their social and environmental impact.

“Sustainable fashion is a journey that begins with an open mind. Creating fashion that is vegan and ethically made proves that you understand that there is a problem and want to be a part of the solution.”


As a member of F.A.K.E, mmi3nsa believes in supporting a fair economy for all, taking steps to reduce our CO2 emissions, and giving back to society. 

We source components and packaging from suppliers who are aligned with our values. We maintain a small inventory and manage our supply chain so that we can track each component and identify who manufactures each of our final products.

In addition to being a F.A.K.E. member, we are registered with Tree-Nation to plant a tree for every purchase made from our website (to offset our product development and website emissions) in our effort to become a CO2-neutral company.

Discover more about F.A.K.E. and Tree-Nation. 

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