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mmi3nsa’s gold-plated and silver-plated collections are an accessible range that allows us to offer fun and affordable pieces. Plated jewellery is best for occasional wear whereas pure gold and sterling silver are suitable for daily wear.

The base metal in our plated metal jewellery is either copper, steel or brass; which has a thin coating of either gold, silver or platinum applied over it. Plated metal will tarnish with time and if appropriate care is not taken.

How to slow down the tarnishing process

Follow our 5 easy steps:

How to clean your plated jewellery that has already begun to tarnish

Try the following steps. Please be gentle as the coating is thin and you can erode it with abrasive actions.

How to store your plated jewellery

To delay the tarnishing process, we recommend that you keep your jewellery sealed in an airtight bag or pouch to limit the exposure to air and humidity.

Metal allergies

We recommend that if you have a metal allergy that you choose one of our sterling silver products, that is if you do not have an allergy to sterling silver.

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