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pronounced: me - en - sa

Mmiɛnsa is the Twi word for "three". We swapped ɛ with 3 (it's easier to type).

We are a female-owned brand - a mother and daughter (Jo and Maya) team based in South London with roots in Ghana, West Africa.

We share a passion for jewellery and are inspired by the tradition of bead-making. Our goal is to positively enhance the profile of Ghanaian beads and to show how beautiful, striking and versatile they can be. Each piece in our collections has been put together by us in our workshop in London.

Jo was awarded a De Beers Group scholarship by Morley College London.

The brand was highlighted in BusinessLive, in an article by Hannah Baker South West Business Editor. '10 UK black-owned start-ups that should be on your radar'.

The brand is a firm favourite in Top London Law firms - who invited mmi3nsa to do a pop-up.

Jo has worked on commissions for bespoke pieces for clients.



In line with our goal of being a sustainable brand, we try to work with brands that align with our values.

We’re offsetting our CO2 emissions by planting one tree per purchase from our website as part of our partnership with Tree-Nation.

We affirm our commitment to sustainability as members of the F.A.K.E. movement. 



" two beads are the same and that's exactly what we love about them."

Handmade beads have an organic appearance unlike uniform machine mass-produce. Each bead is unique and has its own character due to variations in shape, size and texture. This means that each item in our collection is truly one of kind. Please note that translucent beads are brighter when they catch the light. 



Mmi3nsa purchases beads directly from talented Ghanaian artisans who are custodians of a process often passed on from generation to generation.  They use recycled glass bottles, windows and even prefabricated glass beads.


Meet beadmaker Nomoda



Nomoda is seen here in his facilities in Ghana. He employs a team of people in his factory, who make thousands of beads every year and supply them globally.