mmiɛnsa is the Twi word for "three"

and is pronounced...

me - en - sa

we swapped ɛ with 3 as it's easier to type!


We are a mother and daughter team located in South London with roots in Ghana, West Africa.

We share a passion for jewellery and are inspired by our traditional Ghanaian glass beads. Our goal is to positively enhance the profile of these beads and show how beautiful, striking and versatile they can be.

Our creations give a modern touch to Ghanaina bead jewellery. We make pieces for everyday wear and special occasions.

We are delighted that you are exploring our collections and growing with us as a brand.

Maya and Jo 


Our beautiful beads come from recycled glass! Think bottles, windows and even pre-manufactured glass beads.

Eco-conscious packaging without plastic. Our packing boxes are made of 100% recycled materials and we use Eco-FriendlyFSC® certified tissue paper.


At mmi3nsa, we purchase beads directly from talented Ghanaian artisans. They make beads from recycled glass in all shapes, sizes, colors and patterns. This gives us a limitless selection of bright, bold and complex designs to work with.

"no two beads are the same and that's exactly what we love about them!"

The fact that they are handmade gives them a real organic appearance and feel. Don't expect uniform machine mass produce - each bead is unique and has its own character!




We are committed to celebrating and supporting the creativity and passion of our Ghana-based partners. They skillfully make each bead by hand. The final piece of jewellery is hand-assembled in London by Jo and Maya.

We promise that each pair of earrings is unique, because the production methods of beads is an organic process. Free form idiosyncrasies are part of the charm.


Meet bead maker Nomoda

Our amazing partner Nomoda is seen here in his facilities in Ghana. He employs many artisans in his factory, who make thousands of beads every year and supply beads worldwide.