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What is gold filled metal?

Gold filled, also referred to as rolled gold, is made up of a solid brass (copper and zinc) core that has had gold mechanically bonded to it using heat and pressure. This process makes the gold more durable than gold plating which has a thin layer of gold that easily peels and flakes.

Pure gold (24 karat) does not tarnish however, all other karats of gold that are alloyed with other metals will tarnish over time. The higher the karat the less the metal will tarnish. We use 14 karat gold filled findings in our gold jewellery.

How you can keep your gold filled jewellery from tarnishing. 

Although you cannot stop the tarnishing process, you can slow it down by taking care to store your jewellery properly. When not wearing your jewellery, keep them in an airtight bag or container.

Check that they are completely dry before storing them as moisture will react with the metal. Moisture from swimming, bathing, perspiration, and your fingerprints all can start the tarnishing process.  Additionally, beauty products such as perfume, body lotion, hairspray and hand cream can all cause your jewellery to tarnish. To avoid this, we recommend putting your jewellery on last when getting dressed.

Polish with a soft lint free cloth and be careful not to scratch the gold off.

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