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The power of three: sustainability, individuality, heritage

mmi3nsa, an online gift shop, went live on the 26th August 2020, introducing a collection of contemporary jewellery, with traditional Ghanaian beads made of recycled glass taking center stage. The Ghanaian roots of the South-London based family business are on full display, with all products named in Twi (one of the main languages spoken in Ghana) and their respect and admiration for the culture and traditions of Ghana adding depth to the brand.

Sustainability, individuality, heritage - these are mmi3nsa’s three pillars. The products are sure to appeal to the style conscious eco warrior, the Afro-centric, and those who love colour and are seeking to make a subtle statement through their jewellery.

The beads are expertly handcrafted in Ghana by small scale producers and the final jewellery piece is hand-assembled in London by the mother and daughter team. mmi3nsa promises that every pair of earrings is unique, owing to the fact that the beads are handmade - freeform idiosyncrasies are part of the charm.

Taking their commitment to individuality to the next level, mmi3nsa offers a simple 3-step customisation process, allowing customers to create a personalised pair of earrings from a vast variety of beads and a choice of silver plate, filled gold, sterling silver and gold findings. With only a few clicks of a mouse you can .

Sustainability is no afterthought for mmi3nsa. The recycled glass beads are not a new invention by any means; it was the cultural tradition of bead making that inspired Joana and Maya, who then sought to combine their creative ideas with their heritage. Mmi3nsa is also committed to honoring the sustainable origins of the beads - they only use eco-friendly packaging (recyclable and no plastic).

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