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Our beads offer a deceptively stylish alternative to traditional gemstones. They’re hand-formed of , be that glass bottles, windows or even pre-manufactured glass beads.

Supply chain

We source our beads directly from dedicated and skilled craftspeople in Ghana who have spent years honing their craft. This is very much an artisanal process - the kilns and beads are made of termite clay (more heat resistant than regular clay) and each bead is punctured and painted by hand.

They are then shipped to London to be assembled (by us) into earrings. Where possible, we source metals that are up to 100% recycled, otherwise, metals are sourced from responsible finding-makers.

Ultimately, we can trace our entire simple and hands-on supply chain. We want to be transparent with our customers.


Those of you who have ordered from mmi3nsa may be surprised to find out that our packaging is eco-friendly. One thing’s for certain - no plastic! Our gift box is made from 100% recycled material and we use FSC®certified Eco-Friendly Tissue paper.

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